6 Tips for Applying for a Social Security Program

Social Security is one program that many Americans have found very useful at one point or another. It provides many benefits such as retirement pension, disability insurance, supplemental security income, and Medicare. However, the application process may be arduous and daunting as there are many legalities and loopholes that one needs to look out for.

Here are some tips that can help you when applying for social security benefits. Take note that some tips may apply to all types of benefits while some may be specific to certain programs only.

Tips in Filling Out the Form

  1. Most Social Security forms are long. Be sure you take your time filling out the forms. Though Social Security usually requires that you return the forms to them within a certain time frame (for example, ten working days), you can ask for an extension. Remember, the person in the best position to fill out the forms is you as you would know yourself and your circumstances better.
  2. If you are applying for disability benefits, you would need to fill up the daily activities questionnaire. Do not exaggerate anything; make sure the content of your answers is believable. However, do not diminish your condition and the effects your disability has had on you. If you are having a hard time with this questionnaire, you can ask help from someone who sees you on a daily basis and knows the condition you are in. Further, if you are asked to rate the pain you are in, give a realistic answer. Social Security sometimes uses this question to measure the degree of objectivity and truthfulness in your answers to the other questions.
  3. The work history form is another important form. When asked about your job history, keep the description of each job short. You do not need to go into full details. Again, do not exaggerate anything here. Stick to the facts.

Tips in Applying

  1. You can apply for social security benefits in person, over the phone, or online. If you plan to do it in person, make sure you make an appointment and show up on time. Upon submission of your documents, keep a copy of everything for your file or reference. Also ask for a written confirmation from the Social Security office with the date of application.
  2. The best method for applying would be over the internet. This is the most convenient and time-saving of all options. Once you’ve submitted the documents, print the online confirmation page. Keep this in your file.

Tip for Retirement Benefits

  1. If you are applying for retirement benefits, make sure you have carefully evaluated your case. The age by which you file for retirement benefits can greatly affect the overall amount of pension you can get. Maximize this by asking around and by doing research about your particular case. For example, if you are divorced but were married for over ten years, you can claim benefits under you ex-husband’s account. Calculate the benefits you would be getting in each case.

Overall, make sure you are truthful in your application. Social Security is for everyone.



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