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Civil services refer to government agencies that take care of the public welfare.  Civil services organizations handle various activities like health services, public welfare, rehabilitation, educational services etc. These organizations are controlled by state government or federal government.

Employees working in these civil service organizations are selected purely on the basis of merit. Civil service organizations work on steep hierarchies. If you are looking at making a career in civil services then you will need to pass the related entrance examinations. Employees working in civil services generally serve a term of certain number of years before they move into a different position or transferred to a different location. Working with civil services organizations requires the employees to handle greater responsibilities. He or she is expected to follow the rules and acts set by the Government.

These organizations work on government grants and proposals. These organizations consist of different committees that handle projects related to their respective profile. A health organization would have different committees of child care, AIDS, tropical ailments that are formed to create awareness among the people. 

A typical civil service organization is headed by the CEO or the director who is assisted by the respective committee heads. Almost all civil service organizations adhere to the state and federal laws.


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