7 Reasons To Be A Social Worker

For some, being a social worker gives greatest pleasure in life while for others it might be fulfilling their social responsibility. Irrespective of which category you belong to, it is very pleasant to be a social worker in order to contribute your bit to the society. Being a social worker doesn’t mean that you’ve achieved anything less than others.

Although people might say that it fetches lesser pay, demands more devotion etc, social work is the best profession one can choose  to serve the society with devotion, commitment and unselfish motive. The sense of accomplishment is always there with this profession.

Ultimate joy

There is nothing compared to working for a society. There might be people who are working in MNC’s and earning higher pay checks but the joy of being a social worker is something that gives huge satisfaction.

Fulfilling your responsibility

It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute for growth of the society but not many are able to do that. Being a social worker, you can contribute maximum to the society thus fulfilling your responsibility as a citizen.

Understand the issues 

Being a social worker, you can understand the real problems that are plaguing the society and do your bit to improve the situation. When confronted with the real problems in society, the real character of a person is exposed.

There aren't many

The main reason why social problems haven’t found the right solution is because there aren’t too many who are worried about them. You can make the difference by being a social worker.

Chance to serve the people

The best reason for becoming a social worker is that you get a chance to serve the people. These are the people who need help and guidance, and you can change their life with your devotion.


For many people, being a social worker is more of a desire rather than responsibility. Many of us have the desire to do something for the society irrespective of the rewards, but only the chosen once fulfill their desires.


This prospective career has plenty to offer for the enthusiasts. If you had thought that social work doesn’t get any recognition in spite of the hard work, reconsider your opinion. The social work will surely be recognized at a national or international level. If you really do it with passion, the work can get the credit it deserves. 



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